Early History

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Atisha Centre has been established for over 30 years. Here we have captured some stories and memories about the early days from Atisha Centre members.

If you have a story to tell, please send it to us.

The Beginning

Ian Green remembers…
The Atisha Centre story began in 1980. Tara House, then located in Miller Grove, Kew, was looking for a country retreat centre.

Finding a Site

Thubten Gyatso remembers …
In 1980, when I was spiritual director at Tara House in Kew, after Lama Yeshe’s visit we were looking for a place to build a retreat centre for Tara House.

The First Years

Judy Green remembers …
When we three pioneers, plus three children, had settled into our railway carriage homes, the all-consuming priority was to prepare for Lama Yeshe’s visit in early August.

Reflections on the Early Years

Venerable Pende (Ken) Hawter remembers …
In 1979 I met a young fellow named Ian Green at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. When I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of 1981, Ian kindly invited me to stay at his house.

August 1981 with Lama Yeshe

Garrey Foulkes remembers …
1981 was the last time many of us saw Lama Yeshe.

Building the Centre

Bernice Smith remembers …
2011 is a very significant year for me as I have now been involved with the Atisha Centre for 30 years. My husband Kevin and I first attended meditation and teaching sessions in late 1981, just after Lama Yeshe had visited the Centre.

My Life with Atisha Centre.

Brian Ashen remembers …
Thirty years in the life of a Dharma bum passes very quickly. In late 1982 I discovered Atisha Centre when I saw a flyer for a ten-day Lam Rim and Chenrezig Initiation with Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey at Atisha Centre in Bendigo.

Years of Growth and Change

John Wright remembers…
My story starts in 1982 when after being in the East for nearly seven years (six in India and Nepal) I knew that it was time to return to the West.