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Accommodation is available at the Centre throughout the year, for retreats, courses and personal getaways for rest and restoration.


New Accommodation Conditions

•   From now on we will be offering and promoting our accommodation as single rooms; *
•   There will still be the option of sharing rooms if required;
•   There is now the option to book breakfast;
   Help yourself to tea/coffee/herbals at the Accommodation Block

*  Please note: Some of the rooms may revert to being double rooms during busy courses.

There is a choice of single or double rooms with ensuite bathrooms and single or double rooms with shared bathrooms.
All bedding and linen is provided.

Camping is also available with access to bathrooms/toilets and all other amenities.

With the exception of breakfast, we are not able to provide meals for guests other than during courses and organised retreats. However there is a kitchen and dining facility available for you to use with crockery/cutlery provided. Please note our kitchen is vegetarian.

There are several good takeaways, cafes and local hotels within easy reach.  /  Tea and coffee is also always available in the dining room.


Per person per night:

•  Single occupancy with ensuite bathroom: $65.00
•  Shared room with ensuite bathroom: $50.00
•  Single occupancy with shared bathroom: $50.00
•  Shared room with shared bathrooms: $40.00
•  Camping – tent/caravan/campervan – Unpowered: $20.00
•  Camping – tent/caravan/campervan – Powered: $25.00
•  Breakfast: $7.00
(Sorry all nest boxes
currently occupied!)

Please note (1):

Due to Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s retreat, there is
No accommodation available at all, at Atisha Centre from:
~  28th March until 13th May  ~

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Please note (2):

  • If you would like to book accommodation for the VAJRASATTVA RETREAT
    12th – 16th July, please go here.
  • If you would like to book accommodation for
    2nd – 11th November, please go here.

Bookings Request

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