Andy Weber – Buddhist Art Course

Andy Weber – Buddhist Art Course 2017-08-15T15:19:23+00:00

Andy will be back at Atisha Centre this November.
This year he will teach a seldom-taught subject:

“Cittamani Tara and the 21 Taras”

This course will focus on Cittamani Tara and her 21 manifestations to overcome obstacles and remove hindrances to one’s path to enlightenment. Advanced students will attempt a painting of all the Taras, while beginners will concentrate on an individual Tara of their choice.

Learn about – “Tara, Eliminating Destitution”. She is also called the “Giver of Wealth“ and on a deeper level she eliminates destitution, both materially and spiritually. All beings suffer from various levels of destitution, such as a lack of friends, wealth and health and more significantly, the lack of wisdom, compassion and knowledge of Dharma.

Meditation and mantra recitations will enhance the experience and support the drawing and painting of one of Tara’s emanations. This is a unique opportunity to gain an inner experience and to overcome one’s personal problems.


~ 3rd to 9th November 2017 ~

The price for the 6 day course will be AUD $300.00

Delicious food will also be available: 3 meals at $25.00 per day

Please book now for the course and for food – please book accommodation separately

Accommodation will be available at the usual Atisha Centre rates:

Please book accommodation separately and we will get back to you straightaway

Andy Weber



~ Even to draw the face of Tara is seen as a beneficial and meritorious act ~

Students from previous courses are welcome to
bring their work and to continue on their painting.