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Two teachings from Venerable Geshe Rabten

In this pair of Saturday afternoons, Geshe Rabten will give an introduction
to the two sets of teachings on the nature of reality, known as …

“The Two Truths” and “ The Four Noble Truths”

After each of the teachings there will be a led meditation followed by afternoon tea.

Through understanding the truth, we will firstly come to understand our current situation.
Then with this knowledge, we are in a position to see how we can achieve a meaningful life,
one of complete satisfaction and fulfilment, a life living in accordance with truth.

The course is suitable for beginners just curious about Buddhism and
a great refresher course for those with more experience in Buddhism.

There is no set fee for these afternoons, but we like to suggest a donation of $20

 ~ The 2nd afternoon will be on 1st July, 2017 – 2:00pm ~