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General Donations

This fund is extremely important for the daily running of the Centre. By donating to this item, you provide us with the flexibility to direct funds where they are most needed.

Teacher and Translator’s Fund

Your donation helps us to contribute to the support and stipend of our teacher (geshe) and translator as well as helping to cover costs of other Atisha Centre teachers. Geshe Rabten is our main resident teacher.

The Holy Objects Project

Donate to provide new holy objects, statues, stupas etc and maintain existing ones at Atisha Centre. A major, current holy objects project is the building of a large Kadampa Stupa.

Permanent Staff Stipends

Our Director and SPC work very hard and long hours to keep the Centre thriving and coordinate the flourishing programme of teachings. Because we keep the costs of retreats and teachings as low as possible, we rely on donations to provide a small stipend for these positions.

Sponsorship of the Yamantaka Retreat Sangha

Please consider sponsoring one of the Monastery’s sangha to attend the upcoming Yamantaka Retreat in June/July, 2017.

We have estimated a total budget for each Monastery sangha member who wishes to attend the retreat.
An amount of $650.00 per monk for the total retreat covers all food and course expenses.
There are currently 5 monks for whom we are seeking sponsorship.