Discovering Buddhism

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An FPMT Introductory Programme

led by Venerable Thubten Lhundrup

Discovering BUDDHISM is the result of the combined efforts of a number of FPMT teachers and spiritual programme coordinators, under the guidance and advice of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of the FPMT.

The aim of the Discovering BUDDHISM is to give participants a solid footing in the practice of Mahayana Buddhism. Specifically, Discovering BUDDHISM is an introduction to the teachings of the Lam-rim, or graduated path to enlightenment, a step-by-step blueprint of the realisations a single individual needs to actualise in order to attain full enlightenment in one lifetime.

By engaging in this programme, participants will gain an experiential taste of the Buddha’s teachings, some retreat experience, and the skills they need to make their lives most meaningful. Also, by the end of this programme, participants should have a solid foundation from which to make informed choices about their continued spiritual development.

As such, this programme is not designed as an academic study of Buddhism but is intended to change a person’s life.

Discovering Buddhism

“Awakening all limitless potential of your mind, achieving all peace and happiness”

When Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche transmitted these teachings to their disciples, they imparted a deeply
experiential tradition of study and practice, leading thousands of seekers to discover the truth of what the Buddha taught.

This tradition is the core of Discovering BUDDHISM

The seventh module, “Refuge in the Three Jewels” will be held over 4 Thursday evenings

~ 14th, 21st and 28th February and 7th March at 7:00pm ~

followed by a Saturday practice day on

9th March  from 9:00am – 4:00pm ~

~   The cost of this whole seventh module is $100:00   ~

This includes all course material, some of which will be provided in print form.
The rest will be provided as PDFs but can also be printed on request.

This course is specifically designed for beginners
and those of you curious to find out more.

You are welcome to join the course at any module!

If you wish to join the course after a module has begun, please
contact the Spiritual Programme Coordinator on 0479 036 802.

Module 7

Refuge in the Three Jewels

In this module you will be informed about what it means to take refuge in the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha), and the essential practices of refuge. You will find out more about the advantage of taking lay vows and their role in enhancing our spiritual growth.

I would like to book this whole seventh module ($100.00) beginning 14th February

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